About Us

Alia Weight Loss Center actively began in 2004 with hourly classes in a hall, we then developed summer programs held in a well-chosen base. One year later we began organizing winter programs, so far our center is the only one offering winter programs of this type.
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Alia Weight Loss Center Facilities

Our main goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for our guests in Hotels located in the beautiful mountains of Bulgaria. Thus the course of weight loss becomes not only a satisfying but also a pleasant experience.

With the right combination of professionally prepared nutrition and exercise regimes and under the guidance of experienced instructors, the results can be seen and felt immediately.

After completing the course you will find that, in addition to the change in your figure, you will have freed yourself from stress and your blood results and pressure will become normal again.

The Staff of Alia Weight Loss Center

The course we conduct was created by specialists in sports medicine, nutrition, diet and psychology. The course is led by a permanent team who each have more than 10 years experience.

Nice to meet you!

Neli Dimitrova

Program Director

Holds an Associate and a Bachelor Degree from the Medical Institute in Sofia. Neli worked for 16 years as a Nurse at the General Surgery Department of the Transportation-Medical Hospital in Sofia.

She received her Masters Degree in Social Services Management from Sofia University.

In 2005, she established Alia Weight Loss Center.

Katya Misheva

Physical Instructor

Holds a Degree with Honors from the Bulgarian National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia.

Katya is also a certified Aerobics Instructor and a specialist in the sphere of Classical Massage.

Ani Ilieva

Physical Instructor

Graduated at the Bulgarian National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy.

Ani is a Kinesitherapist and speaks English.

Doctor Zdravka Ikonomova


Graduated at the Medical Academy in Sofia.

Zdravka worked for 10 years as a senior expert at the Internal Diseases surgery for the Transportion-Medical Hospital in Sofia.

She specialized in Internal Medicine.

Neli tells the story about how she created Alia Weight Loss Center

After my job was made redundant, I became a homemaker for a few years, mainly taking care of my family. Thus, unexpectedly my sedentary life lead to a 15 pound gain.

With my petite size, this kind of weight gain resulted in a 30% increase in my previous weight.

Eventually I realized I had become overweight. I started trying different diets and I starved myself constantly. However, I continued to be overweight. Anyone who lives in this hell knows what I mean.

I had to find a way out. I longed to lose weight.

I tried pills, patches, dieticians, food supplements, workouts – everything! However, it was all in vain.

Then I learned about a weight loss program and I decided to try it out. The surprise came at the beginning of my stay, I succeeded! For the first time I lost weight permanently!

There I realized that in order to lose weight one needs help – like when you are trying to learn a new language. With the help from the people in the weight loss program, my unsuccessful experiences and my medial education, I managed to substantially improve the effectiveness of the physical and dietary regime of the program.
The results are clear. My personal success lead to the creation of my own weight loss center.

In the last 10 years, I have helped not only myself but also many like me.
Call me – I can help YOU too!

+3592 946 61 41 or +359 888 449 906